[A] Dragon Legion-Razorgore Sun afternoon+Thu evening (Naxx 12/15)

The Guild
Dragon Legion was originally founded on Zenedar and reformed for Classic on Razorgore! We are a friendly and sociable bunch and like to approach the game with a more laid-back attitude, but we require our member to be attentive and prepared for raids.
Our Goal
Our goal is creating a fun and friendly environment to experience all Classic raiding content, all the way through Naxxaramas and Kel Thuzad. We are almost there!
We are currently recruiting
1 Holy Priest (prio) 1 Fury OT (prio)
We accept applications from active members of all classes!
Raid Schedule
Thursday: 20:00-23:00 (server time) Sunday: 15:00-18:00 (server time) We focus both raid days on Naxx and organize Soft Res pug runs for the previous tiers (BWL+AQ).
Loot System
We use EPGP a system that ensures fair loot distribution to all members. The EPGP ranking have been reset with release of P6 to avoid hoarding of points from previous raid tiers. For more information contact us on discord or in-game Ringil (Delirio#0471) or Laila (Laila [Dragon Legion]#9420)

A little bump to update our status to 15/15 as of last night.

We are looking for active members of all classes planning to keep farming that sweet t3 gear while waiting for TBC to drop. Hit us up on discord or in-game Ringil (Delirio#0471) or Laila (Laila [Dragon Legion]#9420)!

Elf male warrior?

Thanks for the bump :slight_smile: Not sure what you mean though!

I remember an elf male warrior named Ringil so im guessing that’s you… on Zenedar.

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Yes it’s me :slight_smile:

Look what the lvl squish did to me xD

Hey! I’m looking for a guild for my main character to raid and get some gear before TBC drops, are you interested in a lvl 58 pala holy?

Hey was not checking forums for a while! Send me a pm in game or on discord!