[A] Dragons Eye Recruiting


We’re looking for a few more (amazingly DPS!) people to join our relaxed Sunday evening raids.

Do you want to raid, Mythic + and generally tool around with a relaxed bunch of peeps. Of course you do, we all do.

Dragons Eye (forgive the missing apostrophe – the guild namer doesn’t allow it) is a guild that’s been knocking around since pre-LK days. We’ve been big, we’ve been small (thanks WoD), and now we’re mid-sized. Our ages are mostly in the 30s and 40s, though we’ve some outliers on both sides – teens to 70s. We’re mostly Brits, Scandi and Dutch (and Irish waves to Morri).

We raid on Sunday evenings from 8pm to 11pm (server time) in a very relaxed way – we make stately and serene progress through the raids at our own pace (5/8 Uldir – see – at our own pace) and we don’t judge people for mistakes – friendliness and effort are what we ask, not world first Deeps.

There’s usually a few people on during the day, and more in the evenings and weekends, so there’ll be numbers for dungeons, island hopping or what have you, when you feel like it. If you merely want some company while you level your 46th alt or do pet battles, that’s equally fine – we’ve lots of people like that.

Give someone in the guild a /w if you want to find out more or to join us in our rather gentle - but nevertheless thrilling - adventures.


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