[A] <Eat Sleep Deplete> - Silvermoon - Recruiting for DF Raiding and M+

Welcome to Eat Sleep Deplete.

Who are we?

We are a group a close friends who have moved over to Alliance side to start fresh ready for Dragonflight.

Our guild is made up of mainly UK based players but we do have some members from various other EU countries.

We always aim to have fun together on Discord on a daily basis and within the game clearing content!

Whats our aim in Dragonflight?

Our aim in DF is to hit the ground running.

We want to build a solid raiding roster to be able to push AOTC at minimum every tier going forward. We eventually aim to push on into Mythic later into the expansion aswell.

We also aim to push keys as usual! Mythic Plus is a massive part of our community on a daily basis and we love to push keys from +10 up to +25 depending on ability.

What do we expect from you?

We don’t expect too much! We expect you to turn up to raid nights and come prepared and focused! We have a zero tolerance policy for any negative drama or toxicity within the guild, it’s simply not what we come online for!

When do we raid?

We will raid Wednesday and Sunday nights from 20:30 to 23:30 server time.

Who are we looking for?

We are in need of DPS players at this time. However exceptional applications of any role will be considered.

Ranged DPS

Shadow Priest

Melee DPS

Havoc DH
UH/Frost DK
WW Monk
Enh Shaman

Who shall I contact?

Bnet: Danny#22563 - Guild Master
Discord: Danooo#3760

Bnet: Shamps#21341 - Officer
Discord: Shamps#1617

Bnet: JordanWarb#2876 - Officer

Thanks, we hope to speak soon.

Hey Danfur, sent you a friend request on Discord, Xerani#1137. Hope to have a chat with you soon.

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Hi ill ad you when home from work hopefully get a wee chat

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We are still openly recruiting dps classes for DF. Please add us on discord for the fastest response.


Thanks for the rapid response! Great to be onboard :blush:

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