[A] <Echo> Pyrewood Village - Newly formed guild Recruiting

A newly formed raiding guild looking for members to raid with in tbc and upcoming expansions

mage: arcane/fire
Warlock: destruction/afflick
Warrior: all roles welcome
Hunter: bm/survival
Paladin: retri/holy
Druid: all roles welcome
Shaman: all roles welcome
Rogue: all roles welcome

Raid Progress
Kara: 0/11
Gruul: 0/2
Magtheridon: 0/1

Loot System
10man SR>MS>OS
25Man Lootcouncil with fair Bis raid list system

Raid Days and Time
Monday: 21:00 - 24:00
Thursday 21:00-2400

Our guild is build on a friendly and social standing. Toxicity will not be tolerated no matter how good your parses or logs are. We want players who will spend time researching their class, getting the best out of them through getting their pre-raid BiS and interacting with the guild. We will offer you a nice friendly community with dedicated leadership team to help you clear all current content

Send a message to katora#1964

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