[A] Elite Priest (healer) LF 3v3 Third

Hey guys!

I’m looking for a third player for 3v3 arena to push to reach my first Gladiator!

I currently have a friend I play with and we have reached Elite 2400 in 2v2 and 2200 in 3v3 back in BFA using LFG for 3v3 back then we played Rogue/Disc & RMP.

I reached 2100 in Season 1 of Shadowlands then took a break for WoW now I’ve returned! Catching up in terms of gear has been daunting but almost reaching respectable gear my Friend has rerolled to Hunter and we want to push on to achieve gladiator in 3v3 and with a consistent partner we can queue with ideally we need a Feral Druid to play Jungle, although open to other comps so feel free to message me if your a Ret, Warrior, Rogue.

If your interested and need people to play with also message me on Battle.net Jpx#21190

Thanks for reading my post