📣[A]<End Game> 1/1 Ony, 10/10MC Recruiting

We are End Game and we are a 2-day raiding guild that was formed at Classic launch on Alliance - Mograine EU . Our goal is to participate and kill all end game bosses from Phase 1-6 in Classic WoW.

We are already an established guild with a core group of vanilla WoW veterans as Officers and experienced players as Class Leaders. We have a very healthy social and raid community within our guild and we are seeking more players to join our ranks, whether that be as Social or Raider.

If you’d like to join our guild then please respect our core guild values that are to Be Friendly, Have a Positive Attitude, Be Active, Participate in Guild Activities, Come Prepared, Strive to Improve, Zero Tolerance on Toxicity.

Progression: MC 10/10 (Under 1hr 45m) and Onxyia (20-man split-raids)

Raid Schedule: (Server Time)

Wednesday - 20:30 > 22:30
Monday - 20:30 > 22:30

Raid Requirements:

  • Be active and partake in guild activities outside of raid nights.
  • Always seek to improve character performance via BiS farming and Warcraftlogs.
  • Working Microphone for Discord.
  • Use Potions/Consumables - We do not require people use flasks, for this current phase.


Holy Paladin

If interested please contact on Discord: Strykzer (strykzer#2669).

Best wishes, Strykzer - End Game!

Bump for this awesome guild ! :smiley:

Recruitment has been updated!

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/10 char

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Bump for this awesome guild :wink:

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Bump for this awesome guild :wink:

Back from christmas break, looking for last few people :slight_smile:

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Bump :slight_smile: Great guild.

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