[A] <End Game> | PvE Focused guild looking for more !

Good day fellow Azerothians!

End Game, a PvE focused guild is looking for more members to join our ranks.

We are a guild built and managed by a collective group of vanilla WoW veterans. Our core focus is to provide a friendly, fun loving and active environment for people to play Classic in, this includes our focus and ambition to raid Phase 1-6 of Classic WoW, starting with Molten Core and Onxyia.

Currently as members are still levelling we are questing, dungeon farming and carrying out professions.
This is a very intimate and social guild who would love to meet and make memories with new and old players alike.

Please reply in forum or run /who End Game in-game to speak with members for more info, invites.

Thank you and we are very much looking forward to playing with you in our new home.


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The vanilla Guild was named Aloria and stationed on ravencrest for those who would like to know. :slight_smile:


We are growing swiftly and still recruiting!

Growing strong. Most members are in the SM range or above so join in for our Guild dungeon runs and have a good time with us until MC and onyxia raiding Begins. :slight_smile:

We are still looking for active and social people to hang with and raid with when we are 60!

Hi, I’m completely new to wow and am looking for some people to play with for my level 17 priest. Should I get a bit higher level before joining a guild like yours? I’m a bit slow still tbh but I’m enthusiastic!