[A] Entry Level 10/10 HC


Entry Level are currently in search of dedicated and skilled raiders to join our raid team. We have cleared 10/10 HC Nathria and we’re heading into mythic!

We are currently in need of:

Affliction Warlock
Holy Paladin
Arms Warrior
MM Hunter
Restoration Druid

All classes will however be considered, as we are always looking for talented players.

About us

Entry Level is a semi hardcore raiding guild on Silvermoon EU (Alliance). We are an English speaking guild. The guild has been formed at the end of BFA.

Raiding Times:

Wednesday 19:30-23:30
Sunday 19:30-23:30

What to expect from us
We are a laid back guild, we love to chill in discord and talk about all sorts of stuff, we also do a variety of content together, timewalking, PVP, mythic+ and doing raids on Alts.

Most (if not all) of our members will offer help out where possible. By joining us, you will be joining a guild of loyal players, that want to build a good community.

What we are expecting from you

Entry Level is looking for focused, friendly and mature people to join our core raid team. We expect for you to turn in to raids with all consumables ready and being able to attend atleast 95% of the raids.

We also expect our players to be proficient at their class knowing how to play mosts of the specs at the highest level possible in order to push our progress as high as we can in Shadowlands.

We expect that our raiders are focused and mature and when it comes to criticism, we expect everyone to provide solid criticism for everyone to improve.

If you think you are interested in what we have to offer and if you also think we may be interested in you, please do not hesitate to contact us directly please feel free to add the following battle-tags:

Zooc#2418- Zooc
DemonDead#2959- Aerilyna/Demon

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Hey! Im playing with two characters Sageforest - Character (worldofwarcraft.com) and Sagesong - Character (worldofwarcraft.com) and im looking for a serious guild. Let me know if you are interest. Thanks

my id is Orion#24398

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