[A] <Epiphany-Mograine> 8/8 BWL - Thursday + Tuesday 19-22 with EPGP

[A] Epiphany-Mograine

Epiphany is a raiding guild with the ambition of clearing all current PvE content. We are building raiding team with people who want to experience the whole of classic’s PvE content. In our first week of existence we have already cleared MC and Onyxia without a single boss wipe. Currently we are looking for a few more people to fill up the last spots.

What can you expect from us?
• Leadership with many years of endgame raiding experience from Vanilla to BfA.
• A friendly and helpful atmosphere for both the experienced and less experienced players.
• World PVP and Battlegrounds for fun.
• Guild dungeon groups for fun or to help each other out getting those last BiS pieces.

Raid information
• Raid days are on Thursday + Tuesday from 19:00-22:00. Raid invites start at 18:45.
• EPGP is used for loot distribution.

What do we expect from you?
• The motivation and determination to try and improve yourself from raid to raid.
• Being prepared for what’s to come with knowledge and consumables.
• A friendly and positive attitude with respect for others.

What are we looking for?
Currently we are open to the following classes/specs:
• 1 Holy Paladin
• 1 Resto Druid
• 1 Holy/Disc Priest

Is your class not listed here? Don’t hesitate to contact us. If you look for a guild to socialize in. Don’t hesitate to contact us there is always room for you!

Does this sound interesting to you? Then let’s have a chat in game /w Ultí, Achiruda, Flunk, Maddyy or Brofurion

Epiphany recruitment up to date Bump!

BUMP Recruitment Updated

Currently recruiting 1 dps warrior and 1 healing Priest! Bump!

8/8 BWL after the first night. Updated recruitment status aswell.