[A] error recruiting!

The error team is looking for members to join our guild.We are a hella dope community, and we consistently clear AQ 40,BWL and MC. Our guild was formed in 2019 with a single purpose to clear each and every raid that Classic throws at us.

Our runs are smooth, fun and enjoyable, and our lootsystem is really fair. It benefits the raiders willing to put in the effort of performing, but doesn’t exclude newcommers from getting a purple or two as well ;-). We plan on raiding all the way to Naxx, and even into TBC if that becomes available in the future.

Within the guild we have 3 ranks with regards to raiding (Officers have same prio as core-raiders), which all relate to the softress-system that we use:


We softress in turns, where the higher tier ranks put in their soft-ress first, thereby making these items “un-softressable” for the lower tiered ranks. But EVERYBODY get’s a softress and a shot at some purple - specific details and much more is in our discord.

We have an incredibly stable main-roster, that clears AQ 40/BWL 19:00 Sunday and BWL/MC Wednesday night 19:00

We also provide a buff-tour getting most wbuffs with summons, and then a summon straight to AQ40/BRM. We also have a little more inconsistent raidingschedule withour 2nd-team, which should be clearing AQ40 in the near future.

If you are interested or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our team. (low on warlocks,Hpalas,Priests and Rogue)

Guild Master and Officers


Hope to hear from you soon!

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