[A] [EU] Argent Dawn <Hakuna Matata> ~ Recruiting Raiders & Social Players


Hakuna Matata is on the hunt for more like-minded folks to enjoy the game and its challenges.

The Bottom Line (Or the top?!) - We’re all about having fun with friends and enjoying the company of the person behind the screen while we take on the biggest and baddest the game has to offer. Our philosophy is that people are more interesting and important than characters, so that is what we are looking for. In other words, we’re trying to recruit YOU, not your character.

The Guild Makeup (I prefer Lipstick and Mascara) Hakuna Matata has many exceptional players, who are patient, kind and relaxed about the game. They have years or raiding and dungeon experience and are playing many of the classes and specs and everyone in the guild will help out others if asked.
It’s a guild that has been “On the Go” for many years, and we’ve tried other MMO’s too. We have a mixed player base – some guildees are on the ‘old n Grey’ side of life, with family commitments / children and pets. There are younger players too studying at university or college. The guild has its share of couples and lovers. But on the whole it’s a guild of mature/sensible folk.

The Raiding Front (Not the Face - Ouch!)
Due to the game being a bit…eh, we have now entered a quiet phase as we rest and get ready for patch 8.1 and beyond. Currently 7/8HC in Uldir. We’re aiming at curve every tier but this time we may have to forfeit that.

Current raid/event nights are set Monday and Wednesday – Server Time 8.45 PM. Start and Finish 11.00 PM. In terms of raiding, we take our time, learning to do the fights the right way, but most of all being able to have a laugh at each other and taking the Mick! For those who are interested in the raiding part, we expect the basics to be sorted ~ Enchants/Gems and General All-Round Preparedness, signing or declining to let the raid organisers know availability is a priority.

Other Activities Mythic + - We normally run these a couple of times a week on Off nights.
Other Nights - peeps try for achievement’s, level alts, or are general online for social reasons. World events, etc. Partaking in all that is accessible.
Discord ~ we have made the absolute best of Discord, which is where all of our normal comms and voice chat goes. We’ve got some amazing stuff on there.
Disclaimer – as we are in a quiet, wind down phase, most guild activity has slowed and some of our Core players are taking a break. Many are levelling Alts and spending their time in game on other activities. Bear this in mind if you do make an application.
Patch 8.1 due on the 12th of December and hopefully this will bring the “fun” back in to the game and the players back as well

For Applications, https:// www.guilded.gg/Hakuna-Matata-AD/games/WorldOfWarcraft/
or search the guilded.gg website for Hakuna Matata.

What better time to join us here at Hakuna Matata for Banter, Carry on, Laughs and Killing those bosses (don’t mention the Shinies)?

If you are interested and serious – then why not drop us an application – or alternatively, if you want to wisper/chat in game, send a tell to Samariin, Elexys or any Hakuna Matata member on a /who search online in game.


Best Wishes


As it’s been a while since our last post, I’ll give a bit of an update! We’ve now cleared normal BoD and have started heroic (Champions of Light down so far) - we’re still looking for more people to join our ranks both from a raiding and social point of view, so please get in touch!

If you have any questions, I’m happy to be contacted via my Battletag - it is Sean#2617.


Another update - we’ve now killed the Jadefire Masters on heroic and have started butting heads with Grong!