[A] [EU] - Earthshaker - <HALLA> Recruiting (8/10)

HALLA is a non-HC guild who’ve been clearing TBC content since launch and is looking to further enhance our roster for phase 2 content. As the title states; currently progressing through SSC/TK with 8/10 cleared.

If you want to join a chill, non-hc guild but still want a place where improvements and progress are key factors; you’ve come to the right place!

At the time of writing our raid days are Sundays and Mondays 20-23 ST.

We are currently in need of ranged dps to our roster to give a proper chance at KT and Vasj!

Special considerations:

  • Locks (High demand for affliction, other specs are still considered).
  • Hunters (High demand for Survival, other specs are still considered).
  • Ele shaman (High demand for all specs though).
    We’re also in the hunt for a prot warrior.

Any exceptional players can be considered regardless of class.

For any questions regarding the guild, trials, loot system or any of the above. Hit me up on discord (morssystyle#2550) or IG: Jackiechanan.

HALLA is looking forward to filling our remaining spots!

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