[A] [EU] [Mirage Raceway PVE] <Havana Room> Speedrun Guild - Classic into TBC

Hello people,
Havana Room is looking for exceptional players who share our mentality. We are focusing ourselves on improving and continously pushing in raids.

Naxxramas: 1h 05mins - #1 Server #36 Global

Recruiting: Priest, Warrior, Mage and exceptional players

  • Highly dedicated raiding guild, who push ourselves to be the best players we can. - We love speed running, and speedrun 3x DMF monthly in classic until TBC
  • Socially active guild with a big theorycrafting community and contributions to class discords.
  • Loot system a mix of Suicide Kings and Performance, where being prepared and raid performance is rewarded. No loot council.
  • Highly coordinated and organized, with strategy sessions before every raid, VOD review sessions on off-days and class coaching. We do not do PTR, streaming and dual-guild citizenships.

Raid days: Tuesday + Thursday at 20:30 server time

For TBC we will split into 2 raidgroups

"Push" raidgroup will continue absolute min-maxing, competing for speed and execution
"Play" raidgroup will do fast and efficient clears and contain alts

Please contact me on discord (Critty#1004) for more information

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