[A] [EU] Nethergarde Keep <Release and Run> Recruiting (9/10)

After hosting succesful PUG-runs for a good part of classic, Release and Run has been found on Nethergarde Keep Alliance at the start of TBC and currently 8/10 T5.

Raid times: Mon + Wed 19:30 - 22:30 Server Time
Language: English speaking guild
Guild goal: Having fun while clearing all content at a reasonable pace

Our raiders are high quality, but there’s room for fun and messing around. If you’re of legal drinking age, drinking during the raid is encouraged.

We are currently looking for:
Elemental Shaman
Resto Shaman

We’d like a few more ranged dps in general. So didn’t I list your class, feel free to reach out.

Does this peak your interest?
PM me on discord: Kowai#8962
In-game: Ethes#2961

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Really needing that warlock!

I would like to bump this

Updated recruitement status!

More bumping

10/10 would join again

Recruitement status updated

mo bumping

Just shamans now!

Even more bumping

I have absolutely nothing to do with Nethergarde Keep Alliance, as I’m a Horde player on Ashbringer, but I’ll bump this for you anyway.

Good luck!

Thanks mr Rogue! :slight_smile:

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nanana batman!

Superman? #SuperHeroes

If you like a relaxed raid enviroment with fun guildies, this is the guild for you

Recruitement status updated!

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