[A] EU-PvE [Sinister] [Recruiting] |Pyrewood Village|

Sinister is a guild made up of a small group of raiders since WoW classic
we are a casual guild that likes to enjoy the content and not be too meta, with the want for people to play class’s/Spec that they can enjoy while killing boss’s

Currently we are going through a rebuild after a messy break up with our old guild which we were 5/6 and 3/4

The Majority of us are SSC/TK experianced but currently running Karahzan untill we reach the right numbers to return to the current content with the hope to be ready for BT/MH release.

Our raid times/days are as follows

Wednesday and Sunday 20:00 till 23:00 server time
with random dungeons Heroic/Normal being ran dailie with the intention to help each member in the guild where we can and not just log in on raid days

What were looking for


[DPS] Hunter x1,Enhance shaman,ShadowPriest,Ret paladin

Happy to chat you can message me via Bnet @bronco#2412 or in game name [Brónco]

Thanks for taking the time to have a quick read
hope to hear from you :slight_smile:

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