[A][EU-Ragnaros] 3 Returning Players LF PVE/Social Guild


We’re 3 returning players; me, my girlfriend and a friend of mine. We’re looking for a more casual guild that focus on the simple aspect of having fun in the game.

Trying to post here as the in-game Guild Finder is the biggest pile of garbage ever to be created.

Focus should be social/PVE, we’re not very big fans of PVP. Questing, dungeons, crafting and the like - eventually maybe raiding.

Would like to join at least a somewhat established guild with some active members.

I’d prefer if you reply here rather than contacting me ingame, that way you can post a link to your recruitment thread or describe your guild shortly and maybe some other players will be interested as well! :slight_smile:

(Beckmiester) #2

Hey there, please add me for a chat :slight_smile:



Hi! You didn’t mention if a realm change was sonething you’d consider, but who cares on Hellfire might be the kind of guild you’re looking for.

We’re a small guild (not keen on huge guilds where people don’t know or interact with each other). We have a mix of new, returning and experienced folk on board and most are still levelling at the minute.

We run dungeons together on lower level alts (loving scaling for this!) and intend to cover every dungeon as we go along with those guys! Some of us are levelling through quests, some in LFG dungeons; we’re levelling professions (sometimes racing each other lol); going to the faire, and more than anything, chatting and having fun!

We’re looking forward to everybody getting to 120 but there’s no pressure or hurry either. We want to get into doing current dungeons etc but in a chill environment where people aren’t going to freak out if you’re trying tanking out and everybody wipes etc! We laugh, we learn, we go again :smiley:

You’ll see more of us on evenings, some a bit earlier or later due to time differences, and that’s when we mostly get together to do stuff. A few of us work odd shifts though, so you can often find someone on pretty much anytime day or night.

If this sounds like something you guys (or anyone reading) might enjoy, feel free to add me Mumm#2233 or if you’re already on Hellfire (or reroll there), you can /w any guildie if you have any questions or just fancy trying us out for fit! :slight_smile:


If you’re interested in switching factions, our guild Order of Thrall is recruiting. We’ve been around since 2007 back on Auchindoun and moved to Ragnaros back in Mists of Pandaria.

We’re a Social Raiding guild. So while we look for people to know their class, are reliable etc we’re also looking for people who are social as we’re a group of chatty people who are usually sat on Discord most days/evenings.

We raid 2 nights a week: Monday and Thursday from 20:30 - 23:30 server time. We predominantly run Heroic, with sometimes a bit of Mythic near the end of the tier - nothing too serious though. We run a lot of Mythic+ together as well.

So if you like the sounds of that then get in contact: Twilightsky#2695