A fair warning for those farming legacy content transmogs

Was in a group of people in Mythic Antorus with my alt to farm some xmogs. Just after Eonar the warrior group lead booted everyone able to loot the sword mog from Aggramar, so it was clear he just wanted some help to get past Eonar.

Yes I know, its not that big of a deal and I could just go about with my business which I have a lot of times, but he just locked several people out for a week, and I’ve just had it with casualizing douchebagery, and this was a high class one at that. Wish this form of behaviour could at least get some kind of in game consequence.

Hope Blizzard can make legacy mythic runs without a lockout ID, like in Heroic, so in case you get booted for idiotic reasons you arent locked out for an entire week at least.

Naming and shaming is not allowed so I suggest you edit your post and remove that player’s name/armory.

You might want to report a scam instead.

He was probably trying to yoink the mount from Argus, not the sword or scythe. The sword and scythe are personal loot and are added to your inventory instantly after killing the boss.

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