[A] Fallen Dreamers Argent Dawn recruiting DPS!

(Aldru) #1

This is just a short post to make recruiting easier, a link to our main thread is down below.

Hey all, we are Fallen Dreamers, a guild on Argent Dawn Alliance with a big emphasis on community.
We are a casual-progression guild just seeing how far things take us.

Our raid Days are Wednesday+Sunday starting 19:30 and ending at 22:30. Progression 8/9NM and 6/9HC 1/9M.
We are currently looking for DPS, prefferably ranged but any will go honestly.

Please reply here, contact me in-game on Aldru-ArgentDawn (Aldru#2531) or poke my officer Marréc-ArgentDawn.

If you’re interested in knowing more feel free to check out our main thread!


Still looking for DPS, our sunday raids are now HC focused!

(Aldru) #3

Thanks to the fantastic folks from the “Scared of Dungeons” community, our HC sunday raid ended on a high note of 4HC kills and a close kill on Council.

We’re still looking for DPS to fill the rooster.


We’re now 5/9HC once again thanks to the SoD community for tagging along, you guys are the bees knees.

DPS? Where you guys at :>

(Aldru) #5

Both days are HC thanks to our support from the SoD community.
Still looking for DPS and perhaps a handful healers once more.


With our continue collaborated effort witht he SoD community HC Rastakhan and Mythic Champions, alongside CoS normal (post-bug fix) fell pretty easily.
We’re still looking for DPS to join us in clearing the remaining HC bosses in BoD and HC CoS.

(Aldru) #7

We’re still looking and on that note the main thread has been given a much needed update.


Jaina’s down and that wraps up our BoD progression.

(Aldru) #9

Uu’nat is down as well and with it this tier is wrapped up. Time for some Metas and maybe if mood is for it, a few tries on early mythic bosses.