[A] Firemaw-EU <THE DOGS> 9/10, Kael P5. Recruiting especially Warlocks and Shamans!

The Dogs - Semi-Hardcore - Alliance - Firemaw EU

Phase 1: All raids on farm 1st week
Phase 2: 9/10 – Vashj down, Kael P5.

We’re currently looking to expand our roster with:

Healers: Shaman, holy paladin.
Ranged: Mage, warlock, ele shaman, moonkin, shadow priest.
Melee: Enhancement.

We are also open to any rerollers to desired classes.

About us:

THE DOGS has been an active raiding community since the start of Classic WoW with focus on a well-oiled core raiding team. Essentially what we’re trying to achieve is a relaxed raid environment combined with an experienced officer team (a team that took us all the way from Majordomo to KT in Classic Wow) and a roster filled with highly performing players.

We move out of the fire, we joke, we meme and then we loot. Everybody’s happy.

Our expectations of you:

First and foremost – appreciating the social aspect of being in a guild.

Secondly – Be interested in mastering your class. Be it by tinkering with your rotation or trying out new gem- and enchant setups. We don’t expect a sweaty min-maxer out of everyone, but we do expect everyone to try making raiding as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Raid days:

Thursday 19:30-23:30
Tuesday 19:30-23:30

Loot Council

We use a loot council system where we try to distribute loot as fairly as possible, taking in account performance, attendance, timely absent notices, wishlists etc. But also your general helpfulness outside of raids, crafting your own gear (not relying on raids to be your sole way of gearing up), having useful professions, helping guildies in dungeons etc.

Contact us via
Battle.net: Hippity#2313, Iamdog#21455, Marthalion#2315, Jayykob#2344
Discord: Hippity#8783, Iamdog#8177, Marthalion#6194, Jayykob#1523


Semi-hardcore, sounds lit



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