A friend of mine is getting harrased by whispers

She already reported him multiple times via ticket system but he just keeps making new accounts , i thought that /ignore is global to the whole bnet account but we just tested it with her and i was able to whisper on an alt without issues. What else she can do to protect herself ?

I thought ignore was just for that character?

not according to this :

As the link says, it’s Warcraft account wide, so not battle.net wide. You can have 8 (I think) Warcraft accounts on a Battle.net account.

It seems my memory of this is out of date.

Your friend needs to report it every time.

ya but its not warcraft account wide either , tested it with her and i was able to whisper again on another toon from the same realm as my main

Maybe it wasn’t brought in at that patch due to some issue.

yeah well rip , what now , he can just keep harrasing her without any issues ? seems like a huge game design flaw if people can just make more alts to harras ppl

It certainly is a flaw, especially if Blizzard will not do anything about it.

Tell her to say in the next ticket that the person is stalking her and she is very concerned about it.


thanks for the tip will do

Make a notepad and log the character and times + roughly what was said, also add this to the Ongoing Harassment ticket.

Your friend must not react back, but ignore/report this person.

Reporting will put them on a temporary ignore until the next login and ignoring will put the toon on the official ignore, the latter is important as that will be the metric Blizzard goes with if they’ve taken steps to protect themselves.

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