[A] <Fury> is recruiting!

Fury is recruiting for Castle Nathria progression!

Shadowlands is here and it is FUN and now we are opening up a few spots in our raid team!

We were formed in 2007 and have been an active social and raiding guild ever since. We are currently looking to add to our Mythic progression and Normal / Heroic teams (which we fondly call ‘Killers’ and ‘Chillers’) by finding players with a similar mindset to us regarding how we see the game and what we want from The Shadowlands and future expansions.

In BFA we set up two raiding teams for different purposes and we are carrying this forwards.
Our ‘Killers’ team - will be focusing on Heroic and Mythic progression but with the attitude that if we ever don’t have enough for Mythic on some nights, Heroic is just fine too.
Our ‘Chillers’ team - everyone is welcome and will be focusing on Normal and then Heroic at a nice gentle pace with no pressure.

We avoid raging, blaming and loot hunger, after all we play the game to have fun and we maintain that standpoint across both teams.

-For the Killers raid team we are actively recruiting a Holy Priest, a Havoc DH, a Warlock and Balance / Feral Druid.

Exceptionally skilled and reliable members that take pride in their class and strive to be the best they can (whilst maintaining a relaxed and fun attitude towards raiding) however, will always be considered. We require our members to know their class inside out and have a strong knowledge of game mechanics in order to be able to give their best performance while not taking that dreaded avoidable damage.

-For the Chillers we are looking for some DPS.

Loyalty and willingness to make friends is also a pre-requisite to joining our small and social group.

The whole guild mixes across between teams and socials for regular M+ and we have some push teams as well.

What we can offer to you is a strong and reliable Guild and team that has weathered every expansion to date.
Good and funny people from all over Europe who help each other and play together and who are willing to welcome new members.
Strong, steady and united leadership across the guild.
Members that, for the most part have played together for a number of years -though we are always welcoming to new people.

If you would like to be part of the Killer team but have considerably less experience in end game content at a high level we will want to start you out in the Chiller team to give you a chance to showcase your skill and if you do this you will get the opportunity to trial for the Killers. A nice bonus of this for you is it gives you a chance to get to know the entire guild more easily, a nice bonus for us is we get to bring a raider into the Mythic team when we know they can hold their own.

We are not currently recruiting socials so as to keep our numbers small and intimate :slight_smile:

We are a more mature guild so require our raiders to be 21+.

Our Killers team raids Wednesdays and Mondays 19:45-23:00 game time
Our Chillers team raids Thursdays and Tuesdays 20:00-23:00 game time

I hope everyone is enjoying Castle Nathria as much as we are!

Killers progression: 5/10 HC, 10/10 N
Chillers progression 6/10 N

For more information about us please contact Astarriassa or any of the officers in game.
Thank you and have a great day!

Update here for our teams:
Killers are now 1/10 Mythic, 9/10 Heroic and are seeking a Mage.
Chillers are now 2/10 Heroic, 10/10 Normal and are seeking DPS of all kinds.
Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

Hi! im looking for a guild for my resto druid and my retri pala. Names are Sageforest for the resto and Sagesong for the retri you can check them if you like my gear and preogress and then we can talk.

Sagesong - Character (worldofwarcraft.com)
Sageforest - Character (worldofwarcraft.com)

Hi Sage, your Pally would be what we would focus on at the moment and your gear and progress look just fine to be able to jump in. Apologies for the late reply I usually have people add my battle net directly so don’t often check the original post unless it is to update progress :slight_smile: Hopefully talk to you soon!

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