[A] <GamblersSecretCave> - Outland LF raiders

GamblersSecretCave is a casual progressing raiding guild, with a good and enjoyable social enviromment. We are an international guild, so everyone that can speak english is more than welcome.

We are currently 12/12 HC, planning on moving onto mythic as soon as possible! For our main team we’re still looking for every role, but mostly ranged dps and healers. Preferably people that are already curved and that have some raiding experience in a guild. Most importantly though we are looking for people that are willing to commit!

Raid days are Wednesday and Sunday 08.00 - 11.00 pm server time. Usually on Fridays we do some mount/legacy runs or other fun stuff, those are optional though.

If you’re interested in our guild, please let me know. If I am not online, you can reach me on Discord tschoi#4531.

We are 2/12M now

We ended up getting to 4/12 mythic before we took a break in late April. We are currently recruiting for SL! :slight_smile:

Hi, Are you still looking for people for SL? I’m an old player coming back to wow. Looking for a social Guild, for raid progress and also a little M + dungens, and everything in between. Right now I am looking for a place on the replacement bench when it comes to raids as my working hours at work are a bit strange due to Corona but it will be better towards winter and spring. But im a very active player.
Right now I do not have a 120 charr. But will boost one when I buy SL exp. However, want to find an active guild before. Playing by yourself is not that fun

Hey Polium! Yep, we are still looking for members. Message me ingame or on Discord and we can have a chat :slight_smile:

sure, whats your name on disc??

tschoi#4531 :slight_smile: