[A] Grouse Gang looking for casual, fun heroic raiders

Hey there!
We’re a guild that has been pushing heroic raid for the last couple of weeks after taking down Raszageth on normal. It is important to us that we have no flaming, no toxicity. Competitiveness is fun, but we want a supportive, inclusive atmosphere. We’re now up to Diurna and at this point you should probably have ilvl 390+ or better 395+ to step into heroic progression with us, but don’t hesitate to talk to us if you’re not there - we can help out with gearing up.

We need damage dealers of all kinds, we always need damage dealers. Hybrid classes can sometimes switch to healer or even tank as needed during raid, but in general we have enough healers and tanks.

If you’re interested to hear more, if you want to talk about it a bit, add me at Mudwaters#2630 or find us on guildsofwowdotcomslashgrouse-gang, I’ll try to check this forum too but it might happen more rarely :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Hehe I apparently posted with an old main :slight_smile:

We’re progressing Diurna, and at this point we’re in need of ranged dps more than anything else. Hunters and stuff. But we’ll always need more dps of all kinds and classes. And having people with healer or tank offspecs makes things smooth for us when we’re missing someone in raid. Welcome to apply :slight_smile:

Still looking for good people :slight_smile:

We’re up to progressing Raszageth and we’re doing it fast, hyping for the next raid tier where we’ll be 100% ready! Come join us, even if you just want in for the social part :slight_smile:

Raszageth went down and damn it was good. There’s a bit of down time at present, new patch and new raid tier just weeks out. But we’re still here, running dungeons, pugging, or filling a guild raid when we have the opportunity. You’re very welcome to join us. We want you to play the class and spec you feel is cool, but we mainly need dps. List below for some extra inspiration if you want to know what we’re sometimes missing in particular:

Ranged DPS (we have no stable evoker currently, no boomkin, rarely any hunter, and having another warlock would be worth a lot)

Melee DPS (enh shammy perhaps? Rogue? Dk?)

Off-spec healer/tank is appreciated, due to our casual nature we’ll sometimes be missing a healer or (more rarely) a tank; or want to bring in another healer or tank for a specific boss.

You’re also welcome to join just to be social :slight_smile:

Tuesday & thursday 20:30-23 server time is for raiding
Monday we do a few dungeons, most weeks

Add Mudwaters#2630, guild master Mastatir#2647 or find us in guild finder, we’re listed under raiding guilds.

Still looking for people to go into Season 2 with a strong crew!

Patch only 1,5 weeks away?! And a new raid in 2,5? Oh the hype is building. Calling marksmanship hunters, assassination rogues, frost death knights, affliction warlocks, fire mages, and every other dps spec there is! Come join our sweet crew! Guild night for hangout, dungeons and raids Tuesdays & Thursdays til patch & raid, then we’re going back on schedule, from 20:30 server time:
Monday - mythic dungeons
Tuesday - raid
Thursday - raid

Hope to see you in our squad, as we progress both normal and heroic next patch!

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