[A] Hellscream: returning player looking for guild


Edit: Found a guild.


I’m a returning player, played way back in vanilla and an odd day or two during the years between then and now.

Me, in few bulletpoints:

  • Dangerously close to 40 years old.
  • PVE-guy. Not into PVP at all.
  • “alt-a-holic”, I really dig leveling characters and the early gameplay. So many classes/races I haven’t even played yet.
  • completely out of the loop with the game, but that’ll fix itself in time
  • I’ve been to few odd raids back in vanilla (blackrock spire? Can’t remember really). I’m up for that stuff when I get my characters up to par. I don’t want to be a burden after all.
  • Initially shy-ish, but I’ll get over it
  • Can communicate (voice,text) in english and finnish, barely in swedish.
  • Balancing my gaming time with Warframe, so might bit less in WoW when new WF content drops. Currently almost exclusively in WoW though.
  • I usually play ~daily, during evening/night (between 18-24 servertime, give or take)

What I’d wish from a guild:

  • easy going, casual environment. “It’s a game, not a job”
  • people with a sense of humor, we all goof every now and then. Dish a sick burn or two, but don’t be nasty about it, if that makes any sense.
  • heirlooms, not going to lie. :slight_smile:

So, anyone want to adopt a more-or-less lost returning vanilla-player?

I’ll keep an eye on this thread, but you can also drop me a line with the chat: battletag: Malix#1345