[A] <Herb> is recruiting players

Welcome to the Shadowlands, friends!
is an old core reforming for Shadowlands after taking a break during most of BfA. The roster currently comprises of experienced players in all types of content, even though we concentrate mostly on raiding (cleared CN first week, going for one reclear and then progress to HC) and mythic plus. However, our members also enjoy playing PvP, so there is some variety regarding content. We would like to recruit max-level players if possible, mostly dps and healers, but anyone can apply! Be advised, we do not yet have a full 20-man team, which is why we are recruiting in the first place! We play mostly in the evenings and raid times during week start at 19:00. During the weekend, if it suits everyone, we can start earlier. Feel free to contact me at rolandcro#2808 or Lorios, the Guild master at Lechoke#2606.

Still looking for more players,whisper ingame for details and updates.
Mainly in need of healers and dps.

We are still looking for people to fill out our roster, some have joined since last i wrote, but still not enough for a full guild group.
Normal is cleared and we want to start heroic, as well as getting a few m+ teams to run keys with.
Feel free to contact either Lorios, the Guild Master, or myself. The contact info is in the top post.
Looking forward to talk to you!

Still in recruitment :smiley: looking to go 2-4-14,so we are recruiting healers and good dps atm (tank considered).

Edit: We’ve cleared 7 heroic this week,we really need a mage,and a discipline/holy priest. Other roles always considered if you are good :smiley:


Hello friends!
We would like to inform you that some spots in the raid team are still open for dps and healers! We would also like to recruit an additional tank because of work schedules that sometimes conflict with raid schedules. Contact information is in the first post.

Our progress is currently 9/10 Heroic.
Let us know if you have any questions.

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