[A] Holy Paladin LF mythic plus team one night a week

Hi, looking for a team to push some higher keys in m+. Skilled holy paladin looking for some chilled players who also know how to play their classes. Equally happy to for replies from people and we can form a basic group.

Looking to run one night a week.

Not looking for anyone who rages. But chilled people who want to take runs seriously.

I won’t be online much over Christmas but will check this forum post.

think about coming to Panda Profanity! we have a cross realm community and players who run higher keys. Feel free to send a message.

i was actually thinking about posting something similar. I currently have a shaman (resto and elemental) running at about 13+ (started the expansion late). I have a few alts, but these need to start at the lower mythics. But in principle i’d be more than happy to do this once a week, with skilled people that dont lose their temper