[A] Honor Capped! Outland! World PvP!

**Recruiting all World PvP’er and rated PvP’ers **

Finally after 13 years we have a expansion that is possibly the best its been since cata. The World PvP is brilliant. Honor Capped (Outland)is recruiting all dedicated WPvP’ers to cause havoc across dragon flight.

We have killed just about everyone who has ever faced this guild in arranged battles even famous players like Swifty and Athene. This guild over the 13 solid years has never gone inactive. We are mostly from the UK how ever the aim is to create more memories and friends. Its all about the journey!

Here is some of the stuff we will be doing.

  • Arena

  • City Raids

  • Bg premades

  • Planned (20v20)(40v40)

  • Open combat

  • Fun events

  • Ganking

  • Tournaments

  • rbgs

You Tube

If you are interested in joining.

Contact us.