[A] (Humbled) looking for more!

Hi everyone,

Humbled is a community of active, like-minded players. Many of us are WoW veterans who want to clear high-end classic content while maintaining a focus on the community through an active Discord.

We are close to a full, solid 40 man roster. We clear MC weekly, with Zul’Gurub farmed every reset to help gear newer members on a soft reserve system. However, we need to bolster our community with additional Melee DPS, some healers and a Warlock to make headway into BWL. There are no gear requirements as we are more concerned with your attitude and willingness to be involved.

Socials are also more than welcome, along with people in their mid-level 50s who think they will want to raid with us when they soon get to 60.

We hope to see you soon!

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