[A] Hunter LF guild

Sup ballers.

I’m situated on Ravencrest (and would prefer a guild on Ravencrest but I’m happy with any high pop server).

My hunter is 245 ilevel and I’ve just started playing BM 2 days ago, I’d like a guild to achieve cutting edge with by the end of the tier. I’m still gearing atm as my gear isn’t really optimal but we’re getting there.

I’m also big into M+, probably going for all 20s by the end of the season I’d imagine.

My requirements for a guild:

  • Meet or exceed my progress: 3/10M

  • Established, I don’t wanna drop Blizzo bucks to pay for a transfer only for your guild to decide to take a break next reset.

  • Chill atmo, I’m down with serious progression but ain’t nobody got time for salty bois.

Hunter is called Twit-Ravencrest.

Significance#2705 hit me up homies, but if possible, please reply to this thread too as I can track who’s who more easily.