(A) Hydraxian Waterlords <Seven Thunders> is recruiting (especially warlocks)!

We’re a raiding guild on Hydraxian Waterlords, raiding Wednesdays and Sundays, from 20:00-23:00 server time. Some RP goes on as well, and some PvP, but our primary focus is definitely raiding.

We’re currently clearing Molten Core and Onyxia every week, but we’re doing it with just over 30 people (still managed to get Ragnaros down before submerge!), so we need more people for the upcoming Blackwing Lair.

Most of us are WoW Vanilla veterans, but our ages vary from about late 20’s to 50’s. We’re from all over Europe, including but not limited to Cornwall, Denmark, England, Germany, Netherlands, Norway and Sweden.

What classes do we need?
(in order of priority)
Warlock - high priority, as we currently have only 1 active warlock
Rogue - a few
Hunter - a few
Priest - a few
Paladin a few
Druid 1 balance, 1 resto, 1 feral

Who are we looking for?

  • Any member will need to be proficient in English
  • We welcome anyone who is friendly, patient, and an adult (in the legal sense).
  • Tolerance of unusual specs is the norm, so you’ll need that.
  • Be level 55+, so we can help you get attuned if you’re not already.

You should join us and have fun on raids (and elsewhere) with us!
If you’re interesed, talk to Thargor, Stylianos or Anella. If those are not online, try Dramius or Jinkx.

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This is Thargor from Seven Thunders and I intend to bump this

You can also reply here if you don’t want to directly contact us ingame

Are you still recruiting? My hubby and I (rogue Shagarth and warlock Senko) are currently 57 and hoping to ding 60 soon! We are looking for a friendly environment to do some dungeons and raids while we immerse in the classic experience ^^