[A] IC leveling (that we call adventuring) - come join!

We have recently started IC-leveling 2 chars together with one player: a dwarf paladin\blacksmith and a gnome warlock\engineer. The idea is to level all the way from 1 to 60 together, exploring the dwarven theme and areas (Dun Morogh, Loch Modan and further on).

We basically just do all the quests and roleplay around them, staying in character all the time (no ooc talks ingame), joking and mocking each other and stuff.

We’ve just finished Coldridge Valley, arrived to Kharanos and started with Dun Morogh quests on our level 8. We normally play a couple hours in the evenings or nights, but that may differ - depends on how busy we are with our other chars that do similar stuff in different level ranges and zones.

We don’t want fast leveling, rather the opposite - a leisure walk through the quests and any stories that come up, with no rush, enjoying the every moment of the game and making it one long smooth adventure. Full immersion.

We are open to anybody who would wish to join our little party, so if you happen to be looking for same kind of fun - mail me ingame (or DM on discord) about the timing and welcome on board!


I’m late with my reply, but that sounds good… perhaps I’ll roll a dwarf and see if I can meet up with some IC dwarfs around.

I hope you guys are still doing this! I would absolutely love to do IC levelling!
Guess I’ll try to send a letter your way.

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You’re never late. We’re still on low levels with the dwarfs. Also we have other alts in all level ranges, and we do IC-leveling all the time, as well as we enjoy basically all aspects of the game staying in character. Feel free to join us any time. Mail Alunda or DM TheMisterMike#6058 on discord.

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