[A] Immortality [8/8 hc] Recruiting for mythic


Who are we ?
We are a well established raiding guild, that raid progress three days per reset, on Sylvanas EU (Alliance). We are currently 8/8hc and we hit 6/8m in uldir and 6/9m in Dazar’alor

Our main raid times are Wednesday, Thursday and Monday 20.30 - 23.00 CET ( also game time). Otherwise we have frequent alt / HC runs on Fridays and Saturdays. Same times as main raid.

Our core members have extensive experience in all aspects of the game, especially in raiding. That said, we are always open to new blood and are committed to mentor new players who are showing potential.

What are our goals ?
Above all we value our time spent well within the game. We strive to have fun and progression with our characters and community. That said our focus as a group is to do raid content progression and fill in the gap between the raids with fun, interactive and engaging guild activities.

What can you expect from us ?
Established guild with friendly and fun atmosphere. Dedicated Discord (primary). Active roster with all kinds of activities besides raids. Always looking forward and pushing progress as guild, and with it the benefit list growing.

Who are we looking for ?
Dedicated and reliable players to enrich our roster and have fun as well as serious moments while progressing the raid content in Battle for Azeroth. We are not allergic to memes, however we are also pro-mature environment.

What do we expect from our members ?
Solid raid attendance - It does not have to be 100%, however reliability and solid team is mandatory in any well progressing team. Sense of humor when it comes to jokes and laughs. Seriousness and dedication to current guild goals (see above). Respect and tolerance towards everyone in the game, after all you as member carry our guild’s name.

What classes are we looking for?
All good players will be considered.

Pls msg Kayshia Kayama#2550, Sinnical#2333


1/8 Mythic atm


2/8 Mythic now


Still looking for more raiders!


3/8 Mythic atm and still looking for more ranged dps an 1 or 2 healers!