[A] [INFINUS- Silvermoon] 6/9m 2 Day raiding


Infinus was Formed at beginning of Battle For Azeroth with the goal to clear current content within our 2 days per week limitation! We’re looking for like-minded players to join our roster in progressing through Mythic with the goal of achieving cutting edge.

The guild is also open to Socials as well as Mythic + Players who wish to push high keystones, the guild has a wide range of players and classes who enjoy keystones.

Raid Times/Days
Sunday 19:30-23:00
Monday 20:00-23:00

Thursday 20:30 Heroic Optional raid (alt/mains)

38+ Azerite neck level
4/9M Minimum experience or decent previous experience
Consumables; Food,Flask,Pre-potions, Augment runes.
Optimized gear

**Apply below **
h ttps://goo.gl/forms/fPtV4u8m8h6fceP33

For further information please contact us

Jakezorus- Bnet: Jakebryan#2529 - Raid leader/ Guild Master
Helskadi - Bnet: Helskadi#21837- Healer officer


Do your best race car impression on discord to get in!


Currently recruiting, 1 healer; shaman/priest, 1-2 range dps; Warlock, Shadow Priest, Elemental shaman, hunter, 1 melee dps get intouch for more information


Jamie, please.


Bump Great guild full of banter and memes good group of lads.