[A] <Iron Edge> PvP 8/8 BWL, 2xMC 10/10 + Ony splits - Hardcore raiding guild - GOLEMAGG

Iron Edge is an active high-end raiding guild, rolled Alliance on Golemagg for classic!

We have built a strong community and forged a name for ourselves across previous vanilla pservers, like Elysium, Lightshope and Northdale and have proceeded to do the same on Golemagg. We have improved and refined our guild over these years but have never forgotten the core concepts we play by: Do good PvE so we can do good PvP together!

What we have cleared and our fastest times are:

  • Onyxia [1m 19s]
  • Moltencore [33m 09s]
  • BWL [46m 25s]
  • AQ40 [1h 17m 31s]
  • Naxxramass [3h 47m 06s]

**Our current fastest clear on Golemagg, with a balanced raid setup is 40m in raid 1 and 59m in raid 2.

R A I D I N G * S C H E D U L E :

  • During progress: Monday, Wednesday + Thursday 19:00 - 23:00 ST

  • We never start a mandatory raid earlier than 19:00, we expect our members to be able to put the guild before other leisure time activities or social events during progression, especially since it only lasts a day (with the possible exception of Naxx).

  • During farm: 1-2 days/week,19:00 - 23:00 ST, depending on what is still up, we tend to clear MC+BWL+AQ40+Ony in one raid sitting with some time to spare;


  • We use Loot Council - our players understand that any item that drops is only a tool for further progression and that we need all our players to be geared up accordingly in order to do fast, efficient clears and dominate in PvP. Our LC is a bit different, in that it is open for all to see, so there may be possible feedback or opinions. This is something that works in guilds like ours, where everyone’s goals are aligned and not driven by personal gain.

R E Q U I R E M E N T S :

1) Endgame-raiding educated

  • the more xp in high-end raiding, the better, but you need to have some!
  • we look at: previous pserver experience, or if you do any Heroic raiding, Mythic dungeons/raids
  • skills, adaptability, fast reactions and the ability to decide for yourself;
  • theoretical knowledge and thorough understanding of at least your class/spec and mechanics of raiding;

2) Teamplayer and motivated

  • proper gear, pre-bis, enchanted and correct consumables always prepared
  • ambition in consistently being the best and acquiring the most in all situations;
  • decent gear is a nice bonus, but we will never put that before the player commanding the toon;
  • ready to take part in guild pvp activities eg; wiping enemy guilds in BRM or fighting over resources

3) Mature, dependable and in control of your time and life

  • able to raid 2 days per week Mon + Thursday from 19:00 to 23:00 consistently;
  • age over 18;
  • mature and friendly attitude;
  • team spirit;

Hit me up on discord if you think you have what it takes: Shayss#7331

Good luck to everyone!

Edit: Recruiting all exceptional players that can commit to a team

It’s time to go to bed, but before I leave I just wanted to say that this guild is a lot of fun.

We are currently looking for some dedicated Fury Warriors. When you are with us, you are in it for the long haul so expect to have a considerable amount of fun.

@temp feels bad man, since we haven’t had to recruit at all since server launch the old thread died so I had to re-post this! Lost out on some of the good banter and views.

I,ve played with these guys for over 3 years, if you are looking for some serious raiding and alot of fun then COME ON DOWN!

Lets get this to the top where it belongs.

From someone who plays Vanilla for over 10 years, I can’t describe the things I’ve achieved under this guilds banner. I’ve been in every type of guild that there are and ‘‘Iron Edge’’ is the only one I can call home. If you are looking for a decent guild that is on top of the food chain on every aspect of the game, this is the guild for you.

PS: Come and join me fellow fury warriors while we have the time of our lives bashing bosses down, and hordes ofcourse!

I should specify that even though we want some Fury Warriors, we are open to all dedicated individuals who want to be a part of the awesome.

Contact me on discord if you want in: Shayss#7331

I have been playign since Vanilla with some breaks during MoP and WoD, after Classic came out i looked out for a Guild with experience and the same passion for PvP that i sought out but never had the chance to experience in BfA. If you want great and fast raiding and awesome PvP events this is the place to be !

Had a bit of fun in the mountain, taking away world buffs from horde ^^

These guild PvP events brings so much joy and cure wounds from horde turtling in bg’s :smiley:

Spots still open for dedicated Fury warriors who want the real thing.

good guild you should join


Will you take the nr 1 spot on Onyxia speed clear on Classic aswell?

Yeah, soon ^^

Gime dem fury warriors.

Clears all content fast and smooth, will crush BWL with at launch.

Yeah, it’s going to be pretty damn fun tbh :slight_smile:

Great guild , good community , strong raids fast smooth no fuss no muss leadership is great , if you want all of this come join us and demolish some BWL.

We want some pretty strong warriors.

Spergberg strongest warrior.