[A] lf dps/healer m+


If anyone is interested to do few m+ in the evenings few days a week - add me (gageris#2398).

I am playing bear tank, mostly was doing only 15s for weekly, but now I want to do all dungeons on 17-18 range, so if anyone wants to hop in - leave a reply or add me.

Yesterday with full pug I misstimed mists18 by 2mins, so I feel 17s is fully doable for me as a tank.

Added you for a chat! :slight_smile:

Yesterday I’ve seen new friend request, will chat :slight_smile:

Hi, If your still looking I have also added you. :slight_smile:

Just added you. I main holy Pala but happy to play dps classes too. Just looking for a few others to team up with regularly :slightly_smiling_face:

Cool, will get in touch