(A) LF Reroll Guild/Fresh Start


Hey guys!

Im a wow veteran so to speak, but have been playing on and off in BFA. But now I want to start again.
But completely Fresh, the server doesnt matter, but i want to play alliance.

I do want to Raid some at Max level and to run some Mythic+ and maybe some PvP.

So a nice and friendly Reroll Guild/ a guild that takes in people like me, would be awesome!

Hope there is a guild out there for me!

(Maxshocks) #2

Hi mate.

Kill It With Fire are an Alliance guild on Quel’thalas. We raid Thurs and Sunday from 8-11pm server time.

Currently we are looking for additional dps of all varieties to join our team as we progress on Azshara HC. We should be getting her down shortly. I don’t have a problem with you starting something from scratch over here, and it would be nice if we could have a chat about things if you thing our guild might be of interest. My Btag is Dodger#2127 and Discord is Maxi#0222, and I’ve left our recruitment thread below if you’d like more info :slight_smile: