[A] Lunae - Late night HC Raiding Guild recruiting


We’re Lunae, a late night raiding guild and we’re currently recruiting.

We raid Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, from 23h30 until 1h30 with recently Monday being added as an optional day in case we miss any raid.

Currently at 7/8 HC, we are looking mainly for Dps and healers but any role can be considered.

We try to keep a pretty casual mindset, allowing most casual players to raid with us and progress together. Real life and respect towards all guildmates always comes first.

Feel free to contact me through battle net @ Brites#2695 if you have any questions!

Just started Raz! Come join us :slight_smile:

We’re actually 7/8 HC, not 5/8… but the rest is correct!

We’ve done a few tries on Raz, but a couple more players would surely help a lot! Still looking for a few, any role will work, as we can adjust.

Hey do you need restro Druid😁

Is this guild still Alive?

Yes, and we can take a player or two in, for next raiding tier - we’re done with Raz heroic now

We’re still open for a couple of dps, to clear Aberrus on heroic

At 7/9 HC, but in need of a few more raiders

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