(A) Lunarfall is looking for members

Lunarfall is a casual Heroic raiding guild.
We are looking to get more members to bolster our raid team. We’re searching for more DPS. You can also join us as a social or for mythic+.

Brief History

Lunarfall was created as a guild of friends, running dungeons, LFR, PVP, and transmog events. During the Warlords of Draenor expansion, we started to try and do more of the end game content, by running mythic dungeons and tagging along with other guilds. Starting in Legion, we began raiding with a dedicated team, and managed to clear everything on Heroic.

Our guild is also part of a larger gaming community, called UFPlanets that has been running since 2002. Although the UFP is primarily dedicated to Star Trek gaming, many of us are here to game with like-minded people. In the UFP we also organize and host a wide variety of events for many different games.

What we look for

Whilst you do not have to be the greatest player in the world, we do expect players to have a good understanding on how their class kit works, and have a basic understanding of how fights work (we do explain them pre-pull).

And most important of all, have a friendly and patient attitude. We’re not looking for someone that will create drama over insignificant things like loot distribution.

What we offer

A fun raid experience for everyone, with plenty of banter and laughs.

A large selection of our finest foods and drinks free of charge whilst raiding.

An active Teamspeak server with plenty of people to talk to and have fun with.


Friday 19:30 - 22:30 (Server time)

Saturday 19:30 - 22:30 (Server time)

Missing a raid is completely fine, but we would like to be alerted beforehand if you cannot make it, just so that we can make alternate plans.


We’re currently looking for ranged and melee DPS.

General info

We have a website with an active community: wow.ufplanets

For voice comms, we utilize our own TeamSpeak server, which you can find on our website


You can reach us in-game by whispering Naraeli (Sammygm#2950) or Fangluin (Rattlehead#2269)

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