[A] Lunatic Crew 3/8M LF Healer + DPS with Offspec heals for progress

Over the past few weeks we have had a few people step down due to IRL stuff.

This has left us looking for the following: -

1 x Healer (Druid, Evoker, Paladin)
1 x DPS with an offspec Heal they don’t mind playing

This would provide increased flexibility in the roster for mythic progress.

We are 8/8HC and 3/8M, and have lots of members who run m+ keys to KSH level and above.

As a member of Lunatic Crew, you can expect to be part of a social group of people, where Dad jokes, singing and laughs are on the menu all nights. Furthermore, we have expanded our reach into other games as well – and occasionally we find ourselves running around spaceships killing each other.

Our raid days are

Wednesday 20:30 – 23:00 server time
Sunday 20:30 – 23:00 server time

If you are interested, please drop a note here, or contact Stealz - Stealz#2192, Adrea- Elass#2252, Trillbean - Trillbane#2953 or Siobe - Lusaki#2589

Thanks :slight_smile:

bumpety bump

Still looking for a healer for 10.1 raiding

I would be interested, although my Holy pally is an alt and thus not geared for this tier. Would you still be interested?

updated my character to my current main, holy priest 3/8 M.
discord: Espressocake#4563

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