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Guild established 16.2.2023!

What is Materia?

Materia is a fresh guild on Ravencrest EU. A community in its early days, fresh and new, but made by leaders who have a lot of experience in creating communities. It is a guild that thrives to be that tight-knit community, that provides that “home” feeling. It was built upon the idea, that we wanted to create a new guild, that FEELS like a COMMUNITY. Not just some place you join for the benefits of a guild, and use it as a lobby to queue into different set of content. Whether it be m+, raids, PvP etc. But lacking that “community” feeling. Too many guilds have turned into this. Or they’re just too hard to get into later on, when that core community has already been made. You’ll end up being on the outside of that tight-knit friend group.

Now that being said, you’re probably tired of the word community at this point. You get the point most likely. But what are our goals towards in-game achievements? As in raids, m+ etc. More on that on the next topic.

What are our goals in terms of progression, m+ etc.?

So, now to the real deal (for some)! Our goals, our goals… Let’s start with listing our main goals for now, and for the near future in terms of progression etc.

We want to create a stable core progression raiding group. Our goal is to progress mythic in thrive for Cutting Edge. Having a solid 20-man roster of raiders, with possible bench players, who can hop in when needed. We know our goal of Cutting Edge raiding core group is not something you’ll achieve in a few weeks of a new guild starting. But our goal is to start building towards that. We’re not aiming to be a HARDCORE 7-days-a-week raiding guild.

We aim to be a successful SEMI-HC guild, with 2-3 mandatory raiding days. Probably will start with 2 days, and with 1 optional re-clear day. These days being Wed/Sun for mandatory, and Monday for optional. Raiding times will be around 20:00 - 00:00 SERVER TIME. Now which kind of a gap from there is under discussion, but you can expect those dates and the raid to be held in that given time window.

For more info about raiding you can leave a comment here, contact me (Tashiwashi / TashiWashi#2478 bnet) or Zavo (Zavorack / Zavorack#2394)!

For mythic+ we’re planning to have players who like to push high keys in a guild, or outside it. We have no mandatory rule, that you HAVE TO go keys with guildies. We do respect people’s own preferences, and it is totally fine to sometimes run keys with guildies, and sometimes not. Aside from that, we’re looking to bring in players who’re focused on m+, even if they would not like to raid. There can even be optional raid days for gearing for them (obviously here the core raiding roster will take priority on upgrades still). And then vice versa m+ runners could help some raiders to get weeklies. You know, help each other, like a COMMUNITY! But there’s no rule, that any of that is mandatory, like in some guilds it is.

We’re also looking to build some m+ teams in the future that are interested into pushing high keys as a group, and potentially even compete if it gets there. But this is more of a far-sighted plan. And we do realize that in the team, there could be people also outside the guild, playing on a different realm, faction etc. But we do look to build up at least one main team at some point, that will carry the name “Materia”. But this is not the highest priority currently. First we need to get other things running in the guild.

That being said, we’re always open for m+ players, and looking to expand on that front as well!

Soooooo, plans for now?

Basically, you, the future community! That is for next, we’re looking for you, YES YOU, to join us! Come be apart of a new guild / community in its early days! Bring your friends as well, everyone’s welcome!

How to apply?

Simply search “Materia” in guild finder on Ravencrest EU. Give us a whisper/dm (Tashiwashi / TashiWashi#2478 bnet) or Zavo (Zavorack / Zavorack#2394), or leave a comment here!

Hopefully we’ll see in-game!

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