[A] <Mediocre> Semi-Hardcore Guild Recruiting [Firemaw] NO LOOTCOUNCIL

Hey everyone! – First of all, thank you for your interest in this recruitment post. :blush:

Who are we (Mediocre)?

We are we Semi hardcore guild on Firemaw Alliance, who’s been raiding together since the dawn of Classic, and has been building up and established a community of fun, skilled and helpful members. The staff consists of dedicated and extremely talented players who’s ready to answer and help you with whatever you’re in doubt about.

Loot System
We’re using a DKP-Decay style of loot system, which consists of gathering DKP on raid nights based on Hours you’ve attended the raid. Furthermore, the loot is distributed based on BiS gear against Non bis gear. BiS gear will have a fixed prize of 30 DKP while non BiS gear will be going for 1-30 DKP Closed bid. If you have questions about this system, or why we chose it, you can freely ask in the comments.

Our current raid days and hours: Thursday and Tuesday 20-23
We’re currently in need of:

Feral Druid : Closed.

Resto Druid : Closed.

Hunter : Closed.

Mage : 1-2.

Holy Paladin : 2-3.

Holy Priest : 1-2.

Shadow Priest : Closed

Rogue : Closed.

Warlock : Closed.

Fury Warrior : 1.

Tank Warrior : Closed.

What do we expect of you?
We’re expecting you to have at least 70% attendance. Being helpful, and able to take on constructive criticism. Furthermore, we expect you to know your class and being able to come with feedback to your criticism, and able to help others to perform better. Other than this we expect you to be mature, calm and nice towards your guildmates since we weight a lot on being a team and we enjoy raiding together!

What can you offer us?
Well, I’d really like to have a chat with you either ingame on through discord in order to hear about what you have to offer to .

We can’t wait to hear from you!

You can contact me on

CoachJerkz#2214 or through here, and we can have a chat!

Again thanks for your interest in the guild!
Have a good one!

Jerkensen // GM and MT of Mediocre

Bump - Still recruiting - Especially Hpala, HPriest and Spriest!

Still recruiting!!!

Still recruiting!! :smiley:

Bumping again! - Spriest Closed!

HPaladin And Hpaladin still recruiting - Please notice!

HPaladin And HPriest still recruiting - Please notice us senpais :ice_cream:

HPaladin And HPriest still recruiting - Please notice us senpais :ice_cream:

Looking for Really good Frost mages!