[A] (Mirage Raceway) <The Kobold Conspiracy> is recruiting! (Currently full)

We are a friendly and lively group of people who enjoy a good raid night with decent performance, banter, plenty of laughs and joy. We are currently in need of some more members to fill up our raid roster. As of writing this we need the following:
1-2 mages
1 feral and 1 resto druid
1 fury warrior
(we may be able to fit in a rogue or mage extra as well on top of what has already been listed)
About us:
we have the motto of getting stuff done and having fun while we do it. Whilst we are not a hardcore raiding guild, we do expect our members to show up on time, ready with consumables and to try and do their best.
We have a strict no toxicity policy. This means no racism, sexism etc. We understand that humor is individual but we believe a laugh is something to be shared, not had at the cost of others.
We can currently clear both MC and Onyxia in one night, in about 2-3 hrs of rather relaxed raiding. However we will try to speed this up once we have more raids to tend to.

We raid monday and wednesday from 19:30-22:30 GMT+1 (server time)
We use DKP for loot currently, but are looking to improve our system to increase overall fairness.
Discord is MUST have to join us since we use it for everything from planning raids to chatting for fun and announcements.
We plan to progress through the entirety of Classic content and to become a strong and good community in the process.

If u have any further questions or would simply like to join us, please respond to this post, or contact either Grilled, Melnax, Leye, Leorio, List, Higgins, Abraxis or Polybiussky ingame.

If u can’t reach us ingame you can apply here: guilded.gg/The-Kobold-Conspiracy/overview

EDIT: we are currently full.

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