[A] <Mischief> [Ravencrest] recruiting heroic raiders


Mischief is a Heroic-raiding guild on Ravencrest - Alliance

We are currently looking for more like-minded people to come and be a part of our core team for the next raid and beyond!

Our raid days and times are:
Wednesday: 20:30 - 23:00 ST
Monday: 20:30 - 23:00 ST

On the nights inbetween we frequently run M+ and make sure we get our weekly +10s done.

A little more about the guild:

We originated on Mazrigos/Lightbringer, moving over to Ravencrest to find a larger server and more people to play with. Like many other guilds, we’ve seen a decline in players this expansion, but we have a strong core of people still playing and still wanting to clear content at Heroic level. We’re not shy to dip our toes into Mythic raiding as long as we have enough people to do it.

Our core consists of people in their mid 20s to early 30s, most of us work, and while we still play plenty, we understand that life comes before the game.
While we play WoW to have fun, we’re still serious about raiding and try to have everyone at the top of their game.

Are you looking for a new place to call home? Are you not shy to join Discord? Are you willing to dedicate yourself to a team? Maybe we’re the place for you!
As always, more social players are welcome too!

Shoot me a message in-game or add me at Florian#2148 to have a chat! You could try out as soon as tonight with our raid!


[H] Dutch Hpala ilv390 LF guild

Hi Florian,

Im also from Lightbringer looking to move server.

I play DH mainly Vengeance but also a solid dps.

Currently not at my home PC so if you’re interested could you add me on discord? (Daville#1637)


Hey Daville, I’ve shot you a friend request!


Mischief is still looking for some additional raiders.

We’re interested in a healer (preferably not druid) and some ranged dps.
You could try out as soon as tonight, 20:30 PM server time!


We’ve still got space on our team for a couple of raiders, there’s also always people running M+ in our guild and welcoming to additional members!

Come give us a try this weekend!