[A - Mograine - 9/10] <The Lovely Lads> Wed/Thur Raids with SMART DKP and chill vibes! LF Warr/Shaman!

The Lovely Lads | Wed + Thur Raids | Smart :tm: DKP | Healthy Limits Gamers

:raised_back_of_hand: Hey you! Here’s five reasons to join one of the chillest, yet most organised guilds in TBC:

:one: Drama-Free From Day 1: We were founded the day classic launched and have been stable, well-organised and drama-free ever since.

:two: Classic Cleared Without Sweaty Antics: We farmed all classic content without any mandatory world buffing or other sweaty mayhem.

:three: Fun But Pro - A No Rage, Solutions-Based Culture: Our raids are chatty and fun, but we also know when to focus. We do solutions not blame. Actual mature gamers?

:four: Sustainable Mindset: We don’t pressure our players into extreme gameplay hours just to get loot. We’re here to unwind with the game and play within healthy limits.

:five: Volunteer Bench and Smart DKP: Get benched only when you want to (mostly) and win loot with our anti-hoarding DKP system:

:ice_cream: Smart DKP - Catch Up Instantly With Fast Table Cycling :ice_cream:

:small_orange_diamond: Our system awards items to the highest points holder, at a fixed percentage-based cost, up to 95% for weapons. This means fast movement up the table for all players, while hoarding is punished.
:small_orange_diamond: Earn DKP by attending, not by kills - both our raid nights award DKP equally, with bonuses for progression.

:cut_of_meat: Schedule and Raid Info :cut_of_meat:

:small_orange_diamond: Raid Schedule: Wednesday and Thursday, 19.40 to 23.00
:small_orange_diamond: Progression: 8/10 SSC/TK

:beers: Classes Needed :beers:

:goat: Shamans (any spec)
:crab: Arms Warrior

Do you like memes? We’ve got memes. https://youtu.be/E69uSCnvwu8

Ready to apply? Join our Discord and follow the instructions!:

:point_right: https://discord.gg/XhwWcEb


got a spot now for an arms warrior

Arms Warrior spot now open! Can squeeze in another shaman too, especially enh or resto.

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