[A][Mograine] <Prototype> PvE/PvP guild recruiting

Greetings, everyone!

<Prototype is a PvE/PvP guild and we are looking for more likeminded players to join our ranks.
Our playerbase is a nice mix of veterans, returning players and first timers.
The goal of the guild is to clear content in a timely manner, while also having fun and enjoying the game in a well built and helpful community.

Our raid days are Wednesday & Thursday, starting from 19:00 CET, and we will be using DKP as our loot system.

We are open to all classes, so if the guild sounds interesting to you, feel free to ask anything here or you can always reach us at our discord:


At this point, we expect people who want to join to be in pre-raid gear at least, and want to clear content as well as participate in PvP.

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We are still recruiting. Currently looking for DPS. Particularly warlocks and hunters

Currently could do with an extra,steady DPS Warrior for our raids.
All raid content cleared, with us starting Onyxia split runs next week!

Currently Looking for:

1 Holy Pala
1 Holy Priest
1 Warlock
1 Fury Warrior
1 Rrogue

Still looking for more members, welcoming most classes right now! If you’re interested hit one of us up in game (Syth/Kiccpe/Syrla) or join the discord and message us there!

Quick note that we now use Loot Council, unlike the OP says

Looking for:

2 Holy Priests
1 Resto Druid
Various DPS.

Send a whisper in game (Syth/Kiccpe/Syrla) or visit our discord discord.gg/5YCTZ7K