[A] Morning Raiding Guild

Hi All,

Just out of curiosity, does anyone know if there are any weekday morning raiding guilds?
Doing a /who I dont think ive ever really seen anyone doing MC/Ony during the times ive been on. Might just be wishful thinking.
This is just what would fit in my lifestyle.

As you can probably tell by my name, i am fire spec (Only one on server it seems!) and i appreciate that for raids i would respec Arcane/Frost.

So is there any morning raiding guilds?

No sadly not.

Thank you.

Hi Is an Guild situated on EU - Firemaw, we are a daytime raiding guild as alot of us are night/shift workers. Our Raid times start 10:30 CET, if you wish for more info please contact me on #Chezza2672