A new Hope




Nothing to do with that because I got a new friend there to do content with.


this is what has happened in the past

imho currently these are the motivation why people moving to the red side



It is mostly friendly jabs from what i can tell.
Your are a horde now so we could do horrible things to you and still be the good guys as the burning of tedrassil will justify everything.

Personal i hope you have a good time.
I tryed playing horde several times myself and i just coudnt deal with the sheer selfishness of the quests.

Funny fact: alot of horde posters act like the npc does in game: Blame the alliance while denying the horde 4 decade worth of crimes against life.
Try to avoid becoming like that.
It is an anoyance.

(Rhiánnon) #25

Dude, my main is an undead that runs around with the title “scourge of the Kaldorei’”, but my other main is a night elf druid. It’s possible to not be emotionally invested :upside_down_face:


it’s amazing how good this game can be when you stop to smell the roses…

life even.:slight_smile:

ignore them…just throw on your Argent Dawn tabard and you’re good to go…:slight_smile:


What a disgusting post you made there :nauseated_face:

I’ve played both sides since vanilla, what do you call me?

(Chocoh) #28

Jaina would be so upset with you right now.


Nah people are just too emotionally attached to their faction and do not see the human behind that was a good guy IRL now they see him as an enemy just because he’s trying a new faction it’s weird.


I sense a mix of sarcasm, banter and Alliance true colours has suddenly come rushing to the surface :stuck_out_tongue: (that bit is banter btw for those of a sensitive blue disposition)

A very minor few in the grand scheme of things. Never met anyone who picked their faction due to a racial. If it were true then there wouldn’t be anyone playing characters that didn’t have that supposed godlike trait.

I’ve just made a little zanda troll on there and blimey it’s busy. Not seen that many in Org for years. I also rapidly see why so many are fed up with trade chat being spammed with boosters.


only Halicos can take it seriously, so why not RP a little? :sunglasses:


Probably a double traitor or something.

(Tahra) #33

It’s cool you found a renewed joy in the game Halicos.

I tried the BfA horde questlines, but I just couldn’t get into them like I could with the alliance ones. And this while I was a horde player for the first 5-6 years of WoW’s existence.

Ah well, enjoy your time! Just leave the gnomes alone please. :kissing_heart:


long live the banshee queen, savior of the horde, tamer of N’Zoth, and the annihilator of alliance normies.


Oh wait were you trolling me this whole time so are we still Gucci my friend ???.


biggest rule 34 of our Universe. :cherries:


Nope For the true Horde for thrall our best warchief!.

(Tèsla) #38

Welcome home! (my actual main is a Huntard Belf on draenor). Lok’Tar!


Eh can’t deny that one it’s sad but true giggity giggity :sunglasses:.


doesn’t look sad to me. :smirk:
my horde chars are all her loyalists, cause I am that patriotic, always.