A new Hope


I think he’s still missing the joke here :grinning: no snu snu from forsaken women for him.


Glory to the Alliance!
first strike belongs to us :robot:

amazing, I secretly admire him


Finally you’re on the correct side :heart_eyes:


Well but I lost some of the folks here in the process also transmog looks so beautiful on a belf.


Yeah, I can’t play my human pally because I’m so spoiled with the nice belf figure :frowning:

(Punyelf) #66

You are very welcome :kissing_heart:

(Punyelf) #67

We can live in hope that in the next expansion we will see them return!!!


Yeah, I suppose… I mean, with teeth like mine, sharp looks on the eyes, and, well, can’t be denied, some kind of charisma, I can eventually understand your feeling…

I mean, I also secretely admire myself.

Oh, almost forgot, death to undeads.


It’ll be a cash shop exclusive :^)

Sorry it was tempting ~ But yea I hope vendors come back, even If I barely pvp.


we can play 2ther then^^

(Punyelf) #71

Don’t give them ideas :scream: :smile:

Indeed :slight_smile:


Aaah Draenor, my mainserver from Legion. Great place with nice people ^^

Tbh only reason I am at Allyside is because worgen, If I could be Horde and be Worgen at the same time, I would


I hate when i have to explain or analyze my sense of humor but it was a humorous reply…


At least Finela knows he is a bad guy now.


where is your pretty tree now little nelf?


I did the same as the OP, I have not regretted one day for the same reasons :smile: It is refreshing to finally love to log into the game again :blush:


Yea it’s true but as long as people realize what choice you make in the game doesant change the person you are IRL then it’s fine otherwise it feels foolish but I’m sticking with this char atm because I am having so much fun and enjoyment I didn’t have in a year all thanks to our beloved Puny she showed me da way lol dead meme.


Meaby i shoud make a blood elf warlock(i love elves, bit me).
If it is really that much beter.
Then again i dont want to give blizzard the satification of turning alliance into horde.
Choice’s, choices.


Lost one tree, we will grow another.

Your orc corpses serve as an excellent fertilizer… Since you are so full of sith, that you have managed to lose your whole planet due to some thirst. :joy::relieved::+1:t5:


Excellent. We will always need a steady supply of firewood to roast gnomes over :smiley: