A new Hope

You think you were roasting gnomes on this wood?

Oh, poor, silly green boi. You were under the effect of gnome mind control device. In fact what you saw as a little gnomes was your orc youth… :cry:

I am so sorry to tell you that, but now I feel I took this burden from my chest.

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So glad to hear u found some new love for the game :blush:


Carefull sister.
You sound more like the legion by the day.
Also stop talking to your food and just eat it already.

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You should go with your own feeling about it and not let something external hold you back. For you switching to horde there might be more switching to alliance at the same time, keep that in mind :wink:

Still i am in conflict.
On the one had:
Horde has it all:
Blizzard favor, militery comptentce(as in you dont need dimigods/players to save for troops all the bloody time), openly evil outside of two crying orc’s and a single tauren, fight for the horde and not for the wyrn bloodline.
On the other:
The horde really doesnt have a taste of construction.
All there buildings are so ugly.
How do you stand it?

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Just stop over-rationalizing and just create a char :wink:

You want a blood elf, you’ll see that Silvermoon is nice but you won’t be around a lot in cities and towns because you’re leveling which is also how you’ll get blind for ugliness and at a certain point immune even to typical orc type buildings.

I love Stormwind but i really don’t like Ironforge. I did however make it a point to know my way around in IF because of my number of gnomes :wink:


I wish i coud.
It is one of my fatel flaws: I over-think everything.
Really tiresome but i am getting beter at ignoring it.
It takes me days instead of months to reach a desicion these days.

Void elf’s are beter warlocks but that rep grind is anoying.

Apathy seem to be the horde/blizzard solution for everything.

I like tedrassill.
It was suchs a nice relaxing zone.
Iron forge is less confusing then ogrimar but i see your point.

EDIT: Ok i manage to talk myself out of an other reroll.
I am going to take a break from wow and play neverwinter nights 2.
I hope you all have a horde slaughtering week and i see you in classic.


I am so happy to hear you found new joy in game! If i would pvp i would promise not to kill you but because i really don’t, i can’t make that promise.

Ok that came out wrong…



Admit it, you want to join too :wink:
Just follow the thunder and you’ll find me


Nah definitely gnomes. The cogwheels they carry around make them extra crunchy :smiley:

this has been known for a while, that most people are on horde for the better racials. i rolled alliance this exp because i was horde last exp. was it a mistake? yes but i got to see the alliance side. next expac i will roll the better side.

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Welcome to the best faction :wave:


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