A new way to experience a Death Knight Class


When DK was first introduced, it was exciting and fun for that time. I always liked necromancer/chaos warrior type of a class in video games. WoW was revolutionary and cool at that time, everything seemed new, and flaws that are seen by a naked eye today was ignored back then, because the game was just too awesome for its time.

I’ve spent last few weeks trying out the Evoker class. I really did like it, at some point during my in game adventure I felt like every other class feels outdated and boring compared to it.

An incident, when people saw a “fiery” DK sword on a SL PTR and thought 4th “Fire” spec is coming for a DK, came to my mind.

And I realized that, I do have desired transmogrifications, titles and mounts, but I do not enjoy the DK class anymore, it does not attract me for more than 10 years already.

Blood is a PvE Tank spec in modern WoW, whenever there is a chance for it to become viable in PvP it isn’t happening.

Frost feels like a simple spec that deals chunks of damage in many different ways, in PvP content it is a"1-trick pony" type of a gameplay.

Unholy, is a pet or DoT spec, that is strong and complicated enough. But I really got bored of its “juggernaut” style of gameplay with tons of minions and predictability.

So, back to the point of this post. Please, introduce 4th spec that is strong in PvP, for a Death Knight.

For me, perfect 4th specialization for Death Knight, is “Wraith Knight”, or something similar.

In two words, I want this spec to give DKs completely different playstyle, so we, original DK players won’t die of boredom playing the class.

Spectral/Bony spec theme, huge mobility, teleports, and potential for high skill ceiling is first things that come to mind. Maybe some new weapon type, like a huge skeletal claymore, just for this specialization?

P.S.: I doubt this post will have much of an impact, I’m just sharing my recent thoughts and experience in WoW with a community, hopefully for a greater good! I believe developers have a lot of other priority tasks for years ahead, like revamping old world and delivering quality new content.

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Wraith knight with huge sword? Sounds cool, sign me up

Honestly, something akin to a plate wearing necromancer could work. A ranged caster that is wearing plate. It’s new and something we haven’t seen before.

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